Our Vision

We are called to share God’s love with the world.

Our Mission

As a faith community of God, we are called ;

To protect and share Creation, to seek truth and justice,

To provide a safe place where we love , explore, nurture and grow together,

To be strengthened and challenged by the Spirit,

And share this experience , as we live God’s love.

We are called to share God’s love with the world.

Church History

The United Church has a long faith history in the community of Meadow Lake.  The very first Protestant church services services began in 1917.  The church at that time featured one of only two pianos in the district.  In 1926, The United Church of Canada sent its first missionary to the Meadow Lake area.  Services were held in the Bridge Creek area and it was at this time, following Church Union (1925), that a small church was erected where the current Thomas Funeral Home is located.  The first ordained minister arrived in Meadow Lake in 1929. As the Dirty Thirty’s were approaching this was a time of tremendous outreach and mission work as destitute families from the drought stricken south made their way north.

Services were held in several different locations until a beautiful new building was opened in 1950 which was named Grace United Church.  The years in this building were years of growth in faith and in the number of families attending Grace United.  The mortgage for the new building was burned in 1961.  On November 20, 1994, the final service was held in the 45 year old building.

The congregation had outgrown the old church and a more modern building was planned in partnership with the Northern Light Masonic Lodge. The current building had its first service on November 27, 1994.  

In 2016, the Meadow Lake Pastoral Charge saw the amalgamation of Dorintosh United and Grace United Church in Meadow Lake.  A beautiful service as held on April 10, 2016 to mark the beginning of this new relationship and to celebrate Dorintosh United Church’s years of ministry in their community. The congregation of Dorintosh brought with them to Grace United Church many symbols of their long and rich history in their community which dated back to 1932.

21 ordained ministers have served the United Church in Meadow Lake since 1929 and prior to that several different “missionaries” were sent to the area to provide spiritual leadership and guidance.  

Please feel welcome to be a part of our current Ministry and become a part of the future of the United Church in this community.

The first United Church in
Meadow Lake
Grace United Church
1950 – 1994
Grace United Church
1994 – present