Life and Work of the Church

  • Christian Education Team – Our C&E team plans and organizes all things Christian Education:  VBS, Sunday School, Youth groups, Bible Studies, TedTalks and other fellowship and educational events.
  • Session Team (Worship) – Session assists the minister in planning and organizing worship and the worship space.  The VEST (projection) team provides audio and visual enhancements to worship.  Session also oversees baptisms, confirmation, marriages, end of life services and pastoral care.
  • Outreach Team – Our Outreach Team looks to the wider community and determines where Grace United can help out those who are in need.
  • Stewards – The Stewards oversee all financial matters pertaining to the church.
  • Ministry and Personnel – M&P provide support to the paid personnel of the church.
  • Property Management (Uni-Mas) – This group are the maintenance and repair experts and keep our building and property looking great.

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